Top 10 Facts About Video Marketing- you need to know.

Getting to grips with video marketing can be confusing and rather overwhelming. It’s a very powerful tool that can drastically increase your marketing reach and objectives. So I have collated the Top 10 Facts About Video Marketing”

1.Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world.

3 Billion videos viewed a day. The number of people watching YouTube each day has increased by 40% y/y since March 2014. The number of channels earning six figures from advertisement each year on YouTube has increased by 50% y/y. I believe there is a lot of potential here for anyone implementing a growth strategy within their business. 

2. Retail videos on a webpage can increase conversion by 30%.

Video can really boost conversion rate. It allows you to show products in a real setting, make the consumer want it more and better understand how it relates to their life. Video and animation takes products from a flat 2D photo and puts it in to “the real world.”

3. Online video traffic will be 57% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016.

This number is also set to rise over the next few years! People want to consume information as easily and as quick as possible. Never before have we been bombarded with so many distractions; if you are making your customers work too hard to get the information they need, they will click away. How many customers are you losing?

4. Blog post with animated graphics receive 16X more share than the average blog.

Make things easy for people to understand and connect with and they will want to share it.

5.  25% of youtube is watched on mobile.

This stat was publish by Youtube and shows us that video on mobile is becoming BIG! Video browsing isn’t just for film and tv programs, but for getting information quickly when on the move. The number of hours people spent watching videos on mobile has increased by 100% y/y as well!

6. Blog posts with visual representation of stats receive 258% more trackbacks than average.

Engagement on a webpage, blog or shop is everything, animated graphics are eye catching and can make information more easily digestible for the viewer. Why not give them something interesting and different to share?

7. Video is one of the most measurable marketing tools.

With video analytics you can track you viewers attention span/when they stop watching and discover what is working with your video and what isn’t. You can not do this with any other advert in the same way. Data is everything and if your not testing and measuring your marketing tactics you have no idea if it’s working, how to improve and what your return your investment is.

8. 59% of Chief executives say they would watch a video rather than read text if a webpage has both.

This is very important if you are a B2B. Getting your information across to those who can say yes is so important, you need to make it as easy and concise as possible as their time is always in short supply.

9. 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their marketing in 2016

Companies are already focused on next years marketing strategies.  They can see how creating highly targeted video content that will grow their business.

10. Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined.

People like to share videos…..what more can I say.