No.8 Thorpe Road- Promote Your Business with Video

Key Achievements

  • Tell a story that engages people with the No.8 Story and business.

  • Capturing the voice and personality of No 8.

  • Create an overview of the many services and facilities that No.8 provides for it’s customers.

  • Create a video that others share, increases customer engagement and raises awareness of the business space.

Promote Your Business With Video

To promote your business with video it’s important to understand your business and your customers. For this case study I look at the video I created for No.8 Thorpe Road. I throughly enjoyed working with Sarah and the  No.8 team and I look forward to seeing No.8 grow and grow!

The Brief

For a business that provides a luxury service or high quality products it can be difficult to get across to new customers how it feels to experience this quality. How does a business get a potential customer to experience their services before ever stepping foot inside your building? taking a bite of your delicious food? receiving great customer service? It’s frustrating for a business when they know their product is great, but they need to show this to customers.

Promote your business with video

“For No.8 it was vitally important to get across the “feel” of No.8 and the supportive and friendly approach the No.8 team has to all it’s customers.”



Video really is the closest thing to actually being there! It uses pictures, sound and music to evoke strong emotions and I was very pleased when Sarah Daniels asked me to create a video to do just that.  Sarah Daniels of No.8 Thorpe Road, one of Norwich’s fast growing business spaces, asked me to create a film that would capture the personality of the fantastic place. It’s a brilliant space and a filmmakers dream to capture. From lego to logos everything inside No.8 has been thought about, designed and expertly implemented.


When creating a high quality promotional video for my clients prioritising what should/needs to be in the video is vitally important. If too much is included then the customer will feel overwhelmed and will not understand the clear value your business brings. Creating a video is all about understanding your target market, having a clear message and telling that story in a way that speaks directly to them.


When you promote your business with video it vitally important that the content is aimed to your customers. I sat down with Sarah and explored every element of what she believes No.8 Thorpe Road is. We discussed in length her and Richard’s personal journey in creating No.8 and where they are taking the business in the future.  It is very important for me to learn as much as possible about the clients I work with in order to create a video that meets their objectives and becomes a powerful marketing tool for them.

Promote your business with videoOnce I thoroughly understood No.8 and what Sarah wanted to achieve with this video I was able to create a script that had the No.8 Tone of voice. Sarah is a very prominent figure in the Norwich business community and it worked perfectly that she wanted to record the voiceover for the video.

“Modern and quirky but with a deep sense of tradition- we wanted something different and engaging, but a video that appealed to our market.” Sarah Daniels. No8 Thorpe Road

Film ShootPromote your business with video

We spent a day filming at No.8 and spent a lot of time making sure we captured what makes No.8 such a unique workspace. We worked with the entire team at No.8 to film the key facilities and services they provide. It’s vitally important to capture everything the script requires. It was a long day but we got there and we were really pleased with the results.



Promote your business with videoAnimation

Once the video footage was edited we were able to create the animation and motion graphics. Through the design phase we worked closely with Sarah to make sure it remained true to the spirit of the No.8 brand and met the objectives of the piece. The first half of the video is all animation so it put pressure on to make sure it was engaging and interesting to keep people watching.



Post ProductionScreenshot 2016-06-15 16.12.43

Once all the film and animation was created it was down to the editing. Here is where the whole film is pulled together and Sarah’s voiceover is added. Once Sarah was happy with the final edit it was formatted and the film was done!

The Results

No.8 are very active on social media, it was vitally important to create a “Social Media Friendly Video” giving people an introduction of No.8 and it’s story and something they want to share and promote. We did just that with loads of likes, retweets, shares and comments the love for the film and No.8 was tremendous and really helped raise the awareness of No.8 within the Norwich business scene.  The Story of No.8 video has become a vital promotional tool in No.8’s marketing strategy.


  • A Powerful Promotional Tool

  • Big Social Media Exposure.

  • Raised the Profile of No.8 Thorpe Road.

  • Creation of  a Video that Others Share and Engage With.

  • Creation of a Very Effective Sales Tool for No.8 to Send to Prospective Clients.


The Future

With strong video content the sky really is the limit! Shorter frequent videos work well for social media whilst longer more in-depth video are best used on landing pages. There are so many ways video can be used to attain greater customer acquisition; many businesses are using video as a lead capture to get relevant email addresses and data (visit for more information on lead capture).

If you would like a promotional video like the one I created for No.8 Thorpe Road then contact me today by Clicking Here

The Finished Film

“The Film Has Truly Captured What We Are About.”

Sarah Daniels. No.8 Thorpe Road.