11 Tips to Make a Great Marketing Video

The question I get asked all the time is “How do I make a great marketing video?” Video Marketing has never been more important to a business. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all putting more and more into video. They are realising the reach and impact of video on the world. Video Marketing is no longer “a nice to have” it’s an essential marketing tool in the modern business landscape.

The Goal

Create leads and customer connections, boost your profile and increase engagement with your target customer.

1. Your Message

What are you trying to achieve? What are your goals? Once you figure this out you can begin to craft your message. Be hard on yourself, ask the tough questions. Even better “pitch” it to a collogue they’ll have a fresh perspective and it will force you to justify it. A tip of mine is the “Tweet it” approach; can your message be summed up in 140 characters or less? It is really worth getting this right at the start. It will give you direction and focus and make all the other choices relating to your video a lot easier.

Make A Great Marketing Video2. Story Story Story

What story are you are telling? Tell an anecdote,  be different and have fun. If you want to make a better marketing video understand that people buy from people; connect with them don’t just sell features and benefits. Give people something they can tell their friends about and share online. Stories change the world, not a new feature.

3. Watch for Short Attention Spans

The accepted view is that if you are doing a promotional video, in other words selling a product, you should keep any video, to two minutes or under. If you want to promote something more eclectic such as a music video or drama, of course length is going to vary. But the more you are forced to squeeze into a shorter amount of time, the more you will focus on want is essential and what is not. In my experience less is always more, my rule of thumb is cut off a third. If your first thought was to make a 2 minutes marketing video; it should be one minute twenty seconds.

Make A Great Marketing Video4. Have a Brand

Brand is not just about a logo or name. It’s about the look and feel of your video. For example, Quentin Tarantino films have a distinctive brand image. Your great marketing video or videos should have the same. What’s your tone of voice? Will your customers appreciate it being funny, inspiring, positive or to the point?  Thinking about this and developing a strategy helps you to stay on track and build rapport with your audience. This is particularly important for the type of business/industry you are in. Remember this video is a reflection of your business, making a joke of everything might not work for you or it might get you “huge” attention. You know your business choose wisely.

Make A Great Marketing Video5. Engage, Engage, Engage

According to the statistics, 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day. That’s a lot but people are still not going to watch your video and send it to their friends if they are not engaged. Not all video marketing has to be shared, but if you want your creation to be shared it has to hit a mark somewhere, You need to have a concept that people get straight away. It has to relevant and it has to be humorous, informative, useful or enlightening.

6. Edit Professionally

Many people just throw up any old video and hope that it hits the right note. If you want a great marketing video a little professional editing here and there can make a big difference. With the rise of the sharing economy, this has become a lot cheaper and is worth considering if you want to engage viewers more effectively.

7. Light it Up

If you want to make a great marketing video you need to think about lighting. Don’t make your video without at least some thought to lighting. If you’re viewers can’t see what is going on clearly, they’ll not want to watch or recommend your post. Generally make sure your subjects are lit from the front but a little off to the side. Here is a quick beginners guide

Music helps make a great Marketing Video8. Put in Some Music

When in doubt adding music to a video can make it several times more appealing, especially if your offering suffers from some background noise. Be careful not to get on the wrong side of copyright laws though.

9. Make Sure Sound is Good Quality

As with light, if there is poor sound quality then it can have a huge impact. If you are running a tutorial or explaining a product benefits, when there’s a hissing background noise and people can’t hear what you are saying, that’s a big problem. Having good sound will make a great marketing video.

Make A Great Marketing Video10. Have a Script

Planning prevents poor performance. Don’t ramble on your video, keep it tight and to the point by developing a strong script. There’s plenty of advice out there on how to write a compelling script so there’s really no excuse.

11. Make A Great Marketing Video Work For You!Make A Great Marketing Video

I have seen so many videos being “Dumped” on the websites and youtube expecting people to come watch them, that’s not the world we live in. We need to get our videos in front of the people we want to sell too. Boost them on Facebook, write accompanying articles, get others to share your videos through their blogs. To make a great marketing video is an investment of your time and money so make sure it’s paying you back. Get it out there and push it!

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