Animation Video Marketing

Ever tried to explain something and found things get a little confusing, then very confusing and you end up completely off topic and the person opposite has a glazed look in their eyes? You are not alone. Now try having that same conversation to each person individually at Wembley stadium. It would be difficult (and rather tiresome).

We live in a world where we can reach out and speak to a lot of people anywhere in the world. The possibilities of marketing are truly endless, but what is the right tool to use in this era of true connectivity between individuals and business?

Pixar’s smash hit Animation “Inside Out

Video Killed the Radio Star

The meteoric rise of online video platforms like youtube and vimeo, vine and even periscope show us that video is an important social and cultural tool. In a world filled with infinite possibilities and stimulations, time is our most valuable commodity. Effort is something we are not willing to expend if we don’t have to, so why would we read a page of text when a fast more pleasurable alternative is there.

57% of consumer internet is video.

Why is Animation Video Marketing a great tool?

So we know that video/animation is popular, but is animation video marketing a tool you can use? People and businesses everywhere are shouting about the latest marketing tool you should be investing in. I believe that for something to be a valuable marketing tool it should achieve some or all of these three things.


Connect– The power of animation to connect with people on a personal level is the reason why Pixar, Disney, Aardman keep making films. You only need to look at the praise coming from mental health groups for Pixar’s latest film “Inside out.” A story many believe could only have been done with animation.

Inform– Animation as a marketing tool allows you to precisely pinpoint the information that needs to be expressed and breaks down that information into shapes, images and sounds. Why shapes, images and sounds? Our brains find these much easier to digest and retain them for future reference.


Drive Action – Being remembered is 99% of all marketing outcomes. Telling a story through sound and imagery allows the brain to retain it in the long term memory compared to text which is predominately stored in the short term memory.  Marketing is about influencing choice in the consumer, how are you going to get people to choose your business over your competitors? 

In Conclusion

Animation video marketing is a great marketing tool when your message is complex or needs context. It is a fantastic way to hardline into peoples emotions and memory. Creating a connection and above all driving action by the consumer.

Any video made for your business needs a delivery strategy surrounding it. Don’t build it and expect people to come; you need to promote it. Multiple promotion pipelines are key to a video’s success. Whoever creates your video should be able to help you find the right marketing pipelines to get your video in front of the right customers. 

Above all else keep in mind these two questions when thinking about Animation for business;

“What is your marketing objective?”


“How is this animation going to achieve that objective?”

Get those two questions right and your investment in animation will be a valuable marketing tool driving your customers to action!!