Three Cs Promotional video

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Working with Moore and Moore Creative I illustrated and animated this promotional video for The Three Cs charity. Three Cs does great work to help support people with learning disabilities and/or mental health challenges. They wanted a video to promote their work and the job opportunities available in their charity.

Ratesetter Borrowers Video

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LiveFi.TV and I worked collaboratively to create the motion graphics and design for the rebrand of RateSetter. This is one of two videos I helped create to help explain the complex processes involved with peer to peer lending.

Thaxters Timber and Forestry New Website Design


ThaxtersTimber and Forestry approached me to create their website. They are currently expanding to a new location South West of Holt in Norfolk and wanted to launch their new website in conjuction with moving to their new site.

The brief: To create a website that can manage and organize the large array of stock […]

The YowYows

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The YowYows are a Norfolk based band. They approached me to create a christmas card design that they could send to all their past customers as well as friends and future clients.

The brief: To create an illustration incorporating the four band members, their intruments into a christmas scene.

Time scale: 2 days.

I worked from a […]

Genatec Christmas Card

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Genatec approached me to create a christmas card design that they could send to all their current clients and prospective clients as well as people they work with.

The brief: To create an illustration incorporating a night christmas scene with Genatec’s main business focus; wind turbines and solar panels.

Time scale: 2 days.

I worked closely with Genatec through out the […]


, , was commisioned to run the animation side of Vidayum's latest series 'Seatales.' grew to a team of six inorder to create Six Episodes over a month period. Storyboarding and layout, animation, off line editing and compositing was all done by the team.

Corners logo

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I was asked by Corners Farm shop Dereham to create a logo that built on their values and traditions. Corners is an idilc country Garden centre and farm shop promoting local business and values. I worked very closely with the client to create a logo that was precisely what […]

DSV Incentive Magazine Advert

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DSV UK asked me to create an eye catching graphic for their latest Oil Seed Rape Variety ‘Incentive.’ This variety made a big buzz when it went on sale as it shot straight in at No.1 of the HGCA trails, Put simply it is a great new variety!

DSV UK […]

James Graham-Wood Electrical Logo

James Graham-Wood Electrical asked me to create a simple and clear logo. I worked closely with James Graham-Wood Electrical to create branding that was strong, eye catching and clear.

Yare Valley Oil – Recipe cards


Yare Valley Oil asked me to create a series of recipe cards to be given out at their trade shows and events. The brief was to mix the old and new as the family farm has been producing food for over 100 years.

Solar Farm Cleaning Logo


I was approached to deign the logo and branding for Solar Farm Cleaning. A company specialising in cleaning Solar panels through incredibly precise machinery. The brief was to create an eye catching logo that drew from elements and ideas surrounding solar farm cleaning and its practices.

Clip – 3D Character Design

‘Clip’ is a 3D character design which I created and developed. Clip was modelled and rigged in Cinema 4D and is a good example of the character detail which can be created using specialist design software.

Eclectic Eccentricity Advert

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Working with Eclectic Eccentricity (EE) on this advert was great fun – and it was the essence of fun that EE really wanted to get across to customers from this shoot. The film was shot on location with the animated character and effects composited in post production.   The […]

3Cs 20th anniversary logo


This project involved creating a banner to mark the 3C’s 20th anniversary.  The banner needed to be both eye catching and interesting as it was to be used at Charity events on a continuous loop cycle.  The project was completed in After Effects.

DSV The Benefits of Hybrid

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Working in partnership with DSV we created this informational film which was used at the trade show ‘Cerals.’  The film was created to highlight the key benefits of DSV’s new hybrid variety crop; a short film is a great way of getting complex or large amounts information over to […]

Calla Lilly

This picture is a private commission, created in Photoshop and painted digitally.

Fields- Digital Art


This picture is from a personal project, created in Photoshop and painted digitally.

Print Design For Genatec


I have worked with Genatec numerous times over the last four years and during that time have created various print designs for corporate stationary and advertisements such as leaflets and business cards.  

The Last Scientist – Concept Art

This digital concept art has been created in Photoshop for the shot film ‘The last Scientist’ I have written and hope to animate as a personal project shortly.

DSV- Marathon Illustration


I have been commissioned by DSV a number of times to suggest and create concepts and then illustrate these ideas to advertise new varieties of crop.  The illustrations have been painted digitally in Illustrator and Photoshop with the finished advert published in national magazines as well as DSV’s website.