Reach a Wide Audience, Speak on a Personal Level.

Animation brings images and concepts to life like nothing else can.  An animation can help your business explain difficult or sensitive concepts in an engaging and digestible way.

Our Products

Explainer Videos

If you’ve got something to explain, but feel your message is getting lost Explainer Videos could be the answer. Fun and engaging, Explainer Videos give you the ability to craft a message into an eye catching and exciting video.

Grab your customer’s interest – reading a page of text can turn people away from your website, our Explainer Videos make it easier and quicker for your customers to learn and understand more about your business.

 Michael Stiff Animation and Design specialises in taking your message and creating dynamic and engaging Explainer Videos. 

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Screen Capture Videos


If you find yourself spending a lot of time explaining processes then our Screen Capture Videos are for you.

Screen capture videos are a great way to consolidate user guides and manuals into easy to follow video content. You or your client can then host the videos wherever you want.

Save your time. Give a better user experience 

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Bespoke Animation

If you are looking for a custom built animation Michael Stiff Animation and Design is here for you. We create strong and engaging animation that takes your audience on a journey they will never forget.

We use the best people to design the animation around your core aims and objectives. Give your customers something to remember and engage with them in a way only animation can!!

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