Reach a Wide Audience, Speak on a Personal Level.

Animation brings images and concepts to life like nothing else can.  An animation can help your business explain difficult or sensitive concepts in an engaging and digestible way.



If you’ve got something to explain, but feel your message is getting lost Explainer Videos could be the answer. Fun and engaging, Explainer Videos give you the ability to craft a message into an eye catching and exciting video.

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If you find yourself spending a lot of time explaining processes then our Screen Capture Videos are for you.

Screen capture videos are a great way to consolidate user guides and manuals into easy to follow video content.

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If you are looking for a custom built animated images Michael Stiff Animation and Design is here for you. We create strong and engaging animation that gives your webpage something dynamic and engaging.


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We go to Michael Stiff for creative marketing content. He works with us to develop our ideas and aims.
Sarah Hawthorne, DSV UK
“Michael Stiff Animation and Design are my go to for digital animation. The quality of work is excellent, his attention to detail fantastic.”
Alex Curtis,
“Michael Stiff animation and Design always delivers pinpointing exactly what we need and create expert design and animation to take our business to the next level.”

Solar Farm Cleaning Website

Solar Farm Cleaning was in need of a website. They needed very important and specific information about solar farm cleaning.

The website had to be accessible, user friendly and easy to run & maintain.

I worked […]

Parking For Free App Animation


An excerpt animation explaining the key functions of an App. A video is a great way to explain your product and it’s functionality. Get Key information across as well as highlight the benefits of […]

ScreenSolve Video Explainer


I am launching a product line called ScreenSolve Videos. It's an exciting new venture and a great tool for business to educate their users in a quick and cost effective way. I created this explainer video to give people an overview of the product and the process. If you would like a video like this to explain a new product you want to promote. Please get in touch.